Saturday, January 27, 2007


You can see a simple list here of the manga I own, ordered by the number of volumes (bold indicates I have the entire series). Some of them I'm sure everyone has read or heard of, some of them should be familiar to those who have been around the block a bit, and some will be completely unfamiliar to anyone who doesn't actually read manga in Japanese.

I thought I would use this space to combine a few different things: a chance for myself to do a bit of writing and expounding on my opinions, a chance to (gradually) detail my thoughts on all the books on my shelf, and most importantly, a chance for curious people seeking some edification on interesting and lesser-known manga in general to learn about some new stuff.

My intention is to discuss a single manga at a time, maybe branching out into entries about authors and magazines eventually. I'll probably write on the weekends or anytime I really have an urge to talk about something, until I run out of things to say and this space becomes barren and lonely like so many other blogs, journals and diaries.

Here we goooooooo

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rob said...

i'm looking forward to this blog. i've really appreciated the work of mangascreener (and other scanlating groups), especially in introducing me to things i wouldn't come across otherwise but now couldn't imagine being without (anything Iou Kuroda). thanks for everything you guys've done, i'll be reading whatever knowledge you drop here while i wait for the next releases of Pluto and Japanese Tengu Party Illustrated.